Publication Release YES, OK, NO / 13 April / 2024 / Göteborg

Place: Sonnsjö Arkitektkontor
Föreningsgatan 2, Göteborg

19.00 Doors open.
Enjoy the publication YES, OK, NO and video installations.
20.00 Something

The publication YES, OK, NO is a reflection and a forward movement following a gathering of eight professional choreographers, dancers, architects and landscape architects in Östra Ämtervik, Värmland, 2022. Drawing from their diverse perspectives, they explored the landscape through movement, a meeting that challenged both choreographic and architectural practices.

The gathering was an experiment in finding new modes of thinking and doing together through trans disciplinary practices. A context where the unknown was allowed, where the String game could be played out, where everyone and everything was a receiver and a sender. A context consisting of unorganized experiences, places, times and conversations which could be picked up, followed or turned inside-out, creating new patterns and forms.

The residency, titled ”Choreographic Architectures/Architectural Choreographies,” was coordinated by the choreographic platform Rural Movements in cooperation with Sonnsjö Arkitektkontor.

Residency Participants:
Karin Andersson, Daniel Backlund, Jonathan Bringert, Linn Eriksson, Erika Henriksson, Maria Naidu, Natalie Novik and Alice Presencer

Residency Facilitators:
Anna Asplind, Lovisa Lorén and Mikael Sonnsjö

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